Feng Shui in bedroom and bathroom only or for whole house?


Hello, and thank you so much for all of the very informative and ACCURATE info you provide on this site. I’ve been an avid follower for quite some time now...
My question is, is that I am about to move into a new home with my son, but it is going to be a house share/ roomate situation. My son and I will have our own personal spaces which includes our espérate bedrooms and a bathroom. All of the other spaces in the house will be shared with the homeowner and are already tailored and designed to his liking and personal affects. Ie;furnishings, decorations, etc.
I am wondering what would be my best approach for practicing proper Feng Shui principals for my needs? Should I go by the standard practice of laying the baqua over the entire home and decorating and placing items that way or should I place the baqua over our individual personal spaces such as my bedroom, my sons bedroom, and our bathroom, and decorate and place by room? And if that’s what we should do, what about all the other shared spaces in the home?

Thank you kindly in advance.

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Hi Candace neale,

You'd better use Bagua carefully in room. It's mostly hung outside the house for reflecting bad things back. It's not good to place it in bedroom or bathroom. If your house location is not in bad Feng Shui, you don't need to especially change it. As it's a house shared with other people, you should practicing proper Feng Shui principals mainly in your own rooms in order to not affect the other people.

You can place Feng Shui items good for wealth, study or health in your own room as you like. And decorate your room or use things with your lucky colors. As for the living room, you should especially watch out the wealth corner and keep it clean. The other shared spaces in the home should be not messy and the light should be bright. That's okay to you.

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