My moved to another city a right decision?


Hello again, I'm Talib Hussain from Karachi, Pakistan. My DOB 30 January 1974, time 10:00 AM. Me and my mother moved to another city of Pakistan (Lahore) which is much better than karachi and my mother also wanted to move to Lahore as me and my mother live together alone. we live with my sister and brother-in-law. did i/we made a right decision or not? will my life be better here?
Second, i am fed up with jobs now and i want to start selling online goods (at small level now). should i start my own small business or finding a job will be better. thanks

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In 2017, moving to another city is suggested for Tiger people born in 1974.

2017 is not a good year for you to chance job. You may get promoted slightly if you stay in the original place. If you could strive for more opportunities of business trip, it will benefit your fortune. But if you really fed up with your present job and couldn't continue, starting your own small business is not a bad choice. The starting will be difficult but if you could insist on doing it, the result will be good.

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