Is my life worth living anymore


whenever i take a step to make my life better, luck just kick my butt and go away, no support from family or relatives or friends. i am jobless for last three months since i moved to another city, last city (the city i was born in) was not very kind either. tried everything in last 20 years to fulfill my wish of moving abroad (Canada or USA), but no luck. 43 years old and still no women in life. i am fed up with my life. if this is how my life is going to be then i believe i should commit suicide.
DOB 30 January 1974 time 10 AM
what an unfortunate day that was.
thank you

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Hi Hussain,

Life is not easy for everyone. Perhaps you are too persistent in moving abroad. If you change a lifestyle and try to go our often to meet more people, I think you will have more chances to have a woman and live a happy life.The busy work and annoying trivial matters of moving abroad make you not keen on love. I know many people moving abroad but not everyone of them lives a better life than in the native country.

You are under the Tiget sign in Chinese Zodiac, and you will have quite good overall fortune in 2017.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4; Avoid: 6, 7, 8
Lucky Flowers: Cineraria
Lucky Colors: blue, grey, white, orange; Avoid: golden, silver, brown

Good luck.

thank you Mary for you reply. so nice of you.
can you please guide me what small business is good for me or should i keep searching for a job, i am jobless for last three months, i have applied for more than 40 jobs but never received rely from anyone. thanks
Hi Hussain,

Suitable job fields for the Tigers to show their ability include clinical medicine, catering, literature, cultural, official, judicial, police and government. You can combine with your major and start a onlin business regarding catering or something else.

Good luck

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