Mountain Splitting apart


Hi here,

I had a dream where I was watching a city of stone flood and be overcome by the rising lake. Onced the water stopped rising.

I should explain that there were two of myself. One very old and connected to the stone city and moutain above it. The other much younger a young adult, who was super natural and powerful.

The younger me had the power to split apart the stone mountain allowing more water to flow in the lake. I moved my hands apart and the mountain split in half. I grabbed the older me and plunged ourselces underwater together, not sure if it was an attempt of drowning, the younger me felt angry. The older, felt calm and hopeful. We did this three times and the scene changed.

The older me was sitting praying showing gratitude, self forgiveness and compassion on the peak of the stone mountain. As the older me prayed and watch the lake fill. The water was clear. And when the older me looked up. It was calm and the lake was shallow, the city had dissapeared. And I was young again, sitting at he edge of a stone chinese style temple in the middle of the lake.

I was my self of the now. Felt experienced and grateful. Tears in my eyes as I was now where I needed to be.

Does anyone have any insight of this dream? As i feel it was very significant!

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