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As i am in love with a Girl whose Name is Sujatha Dolai, born in 19-May-1995. and i any how want her to be her soulmate, she also spends a good time with me, we trust each other, we have share all of the secrets. we spend a good time on Phones and also we had reach out to Phone Sex. as i am far from her location so its difficult to daily meet her, but recently on her birthday i have given her a surprise visit and a Treat, she specially come to meet me, we both had a good time, where i reach out to a good level and i make her feel relax and she gave me right to come very Closer.
But i want to know how much time it will take me to realize her that i really loves her a lot and cant live without her, for her Happiness i can do anything.

So Please advise me how can i make her my One and only love life Partner.

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Hi Manoj Kar,

There will be problems if you live far away from her for a long time. Distance will make you hard to know each other well and express your love fully. So, the first thing you should do is try to go to her place or let her go to your place in order to be together. Only if you knows her completely including her living habits, hobbies, thing she like etc, you could know how to love her.

BTW, what's your date of birth. Let me check if you are compatible for you.

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