My husband is water pig, I'm wood dragon, I have a son he is water dragon


I was born in 1988 as a year of wood dragon and married to pig water. I had a son 2012 as a water dragon. I'm going to have another baby end of December 2016 which is fire monkey. Please let's me know if my family are competiable which each other.

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Hi, Water Generate wood in Chinese five element and the pig and dragon are compatible in Chinese zodiac. So, your husband, son and you could enjoy a harmonious relationship in family.

As the female Monkey is not compatible with the male pig, if your baby this time is a girl, she may not compatible with your husband. In addition, 2016 is the fire monkey year. The water and fire are in a great conflict, so there will be also some problem with the relationship with your son and the coming baby. Luckily, your element wood is both compatible with the water and fire, so you are a good mediator if they have problems.

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