Element compatibility of water monkey and metal dragon


Monkeys and dragons are good togetger but i got some monor ossues with that special dragon girl. Shes metal i am water. Which elements are more compatible with each other? Does it matter at all?

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There is no problem with your element and zodiac. Metal runs the Water in Chinese in Chinese five element. They are in generating cycle. So, the two elements are compatible with each other. Also, your zodiac signs are very compatible. The problems you meet must have ways to solve. You are suggested to seek help and advice from seniors or friends.
thank you very much for your help and excuse my writing, i must have sent the first message from my mobile...
So, adding a little bit of information to the issue, i am 23 years old and she is 15. Not only is she absolutely not ready for a more intimate relationship (we discussed it and we stick to dating for now), but also she is very busy(metal dragons are conquerors after all).
I am however needy for her attention(Water monkey: high insecurity issues), which she won't give to me (too busy or a little scared maybe? I am 8 years older after all...)
do you really think this can work? Maybe the difference in age is too big?
thanks, Mary!
Yes, I think your problem may mostly be caused by your age difference. She is still too young and don't know how to love you.

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