Moving home, luck with new job when I move and looking for love and


Can you tell me any things nice happening year 2017 for me please. I born on 30/06/1966.

Kind regards

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Hi Nhung,

Your sign is Horse. The Career and wealth aspects will be good for you in 2017.

Your fortune in career in 2017 will be on the rise and you will have many opportunities due to the blessing of the auspicious star 'Tian De' (天德), which will make your wishes come true, get the help of others, and win the recognition of leadership.

You will have prosperous luck in wealth due to the blessing of the auspicious star 'Lu Xun' (禄勋) which means good salary and it can bring good job opportunity and salary. Hence, you will have favorable income from work and windfall.

Love relationship and health condition are not optimistic in 2017 for you. You'd better don't expect too much in these two aspects.

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