Difference between Moving and Residence Relocation


Hi :)
I'm looking for auspicious days in October to move to my new home.
I noticed there are 2 categories - moving and residence relocation.
May I know if I should only look at moving in my case?
Also, as my bed will be officially installed on the day of move, should I also ensure that the date chosen is suitalbe for bed installation?

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Hi Cyn,

"Moving" is to express the idea of relocating one's belongings from one dwelling to another. It also can refer to a person's move from one place to another place, eg. Go to another country or place to spend a holiday; to visit a distant relative and stay there for some days, etc.

"Residence Relocation" is used to express the house moving. If you physically move to a new house and stay there, it means "Residence Relocation".

So, to find an auspicious day for "Moving" to move your furniture to the new house and find a lucky day for "Residence Relocation" when you plan to physically move.

For bed installation, you'd better choose an auspicious date for 'Bed Installation'.

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