Moving new home in December 2016


What are the auspicious date to move house in December 2016 and good dates to perform prayers in blessing the new home?

Can I "officiate" and perform the ceremony of moving into the new home on the date as recommended for Dec 2016, and followed by other stuffs before the date of next CNY in Jan 2017?

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Hi Sally,

Auspicious dates for moving house in December 2016 include: the 2nd (Clash Rat), 12th (Clash Dog), 16th (Clash Tiger), 19th (Clash Snake), 21st (Clash Sheep), 24th (Clash Dog), 25th (Clash Pig), 28th (Clash Tiger) and 31st day (Clash Dragon).

The 3rd (Clash Ox), 5th (Clash Rabbit), 9th (Clash Sheep), 12th(Clash Dog), 13th (Clash Pig), 16th(Clash Tiger), 18th (Clash Dragon), 21st (Clash Sheep), 24th (Clash Dog), 25th (Clash Pig),28th (Clash Tiger) and 30th day (Clash Dragon) of December are auspicious to perform prayers in blessing the new home.

Not sure what's your Zodiac sign is. If the date clash your sign, avoid choosing the date.
Thank you for your reply. How do I respond to your query at your website page?

Anyway, the property is bought under my son's name (zodiac sign Dog) but all else is by me (zodiac sign Rat).

In fact, after matching the zodiac signs of both of us, I would like to know whether it will be alright if I were to choose either 21st Dec or 31st Dec 2016? The house if facing West, and I intend to officiate the moving before the next CNY in Jan 2017 as I need to vacate my rented house latest by Jan 2017.

If the choice of my selected dates in Dec 2016 is good to go, I will "officiate" with a prayer ceremony to symbolise the moving and later move in other stuffs in stages.

Grateful for your kind guidance and advice in this respect.

Thank you.
Hi Sally,

21st Dec and 31st Dec 2016 are both auspicious for you to do that.

It's my pleasure to help you. Hope everything goes smoothly for your moving.

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