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My DOB is 10 Jan 1991. My boyfriend DOB is 7 Nov 1987. We planned to get married 1 Oct 2017. It clash rabbit, he born in the year of rabbit.
When is the best date. We lookin g at 30 Sept 2017, 1 Oct 2017 or 11 Nov 2017.


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Hi May,

1 Oct 2017 and 11 Nov 2017 are both not auspicious date for wedding.

30 Sept 2017 is an auspicious wedding date and the day clashes with the Tiger people. You are horse and he is rabbit in Chinese zodiac, so it's a very lucky day to you to get married.
MY DOB is 10 JAN 1991. HIS DOB is 7 NOV 1987
I am interested in date
1) 30 Sept 2017
2) 01 Oct 2017 (clash rabbit, he born in the year of rabbit.)
3) 11 Nov 2017

You sent email 30 Sept 2017 is best. How about 11 Nov 2017 (never clash rabbit and horse).
Can they chose 01 Oct 2017 (our anniversary day. Someone check said it is a good day for them but I worry as clash rabbit.

Pls advice and reply. Tks
Hi Alice,

I have moved your new post to your previous one here.

The date I choose is based on the traditional Chinese almanac calendar. The calendar is greatly used for choosing auspicious dates for occasions like wedding, moving, travel, engagement, decoration and more.

In the calendar, 30 Sept 2017 is auspicious and it doesn't clash both of your signs.

11 Nov 2017 is not listed as an auspicious date for wedding. But if you want to get married on the day, that's also no problem although it's not the best.

01 Oct 2017 is not listed as an auspicious date for wedding as well and clashes with your boyfriend's sign. But in China, people think as long as the day doesn't clashes with the bride's sing, that's ok. So, you can also choose this day.

But if you want the best among the three days, that's 30 Sept 2017.

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