Marriage line like fig12


Hi. My marriage line is like fig.12 in the marriage line site, "If you have two marriage lines running parallel with the same length, it indicates a tortuous marriage." I read elsewhere that this means you and your love will eventually be together after many hardship. So which is the right indication of my marriage lines? It troubles me so much because I'm in a serious relationship and it's been hard, and I do believe in palmistry.

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Mine is have 2 line upside one is littel smaller than downside one....
Hi Ndnq,

Two marriage lines running parallel with the same length just indicates the love life is usually full of twists and turns. Those who seperate for a long time and get together again also have this kind of marriage lines.

Hi sumit,

If the two lines are parallel, it indicates you have more chances to fall into love-triangle.

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