I'm a pig female born on December 11th, 1995 at 11Am.. I have a long heart line (2 hands) going to between index finger and middle figger.. Can you tell me when will I marry and who will be my husband?

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Hi Rose,

If it goes upwards, it usually indicates early marriage. Is there any branch for your heart line? How about your marriage line?

You can predict your future husband by putting your two palms together and see the position of heart lines on both palms:
I have no branch in my heart line and it goes upward between index and middle finger. Also a line from my heart line go to the mount of sun..
At my marriage line, I have two, the one is end at Mercury and another one is lower.. they're clear and unbroken.
Judging from what you have described, you will have an early marriage which means you will get married before you are 25 years old.

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