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Hello I was born on the 25th of September 1987 (3:44pm) and my husband was born on the 4th of May 1983 at (2:15pm) what are our lucky elements and what does it mean for us?

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Hi Chuen li Smart,

Your lucky elements are Fire and Wood. Water and Metal should be avoided.
For your husband, his lucky elements are Water and Metal. Earth and Fire should be avoided.

Each element is represented by some specific colors:
Metal: White, Apricot, Golden
Wood: Cyan, Green
Water: Black, Blue
Fire: Red, Purple
Earth: Yellow, Brown

So, you are suggested to wear clothes or use things with colors like Red, Purple, Cyan and Green. Your husband should have more colors of Black, Blue, White, Apricot and Golden.

Your lucky directions include: Southwest (Best Direction), Northeast (Success), West (Health), Northwest (Love and Relationships), Southwest (Personal Growth)
His lucky directions are: Northeast(Best Direction), Southwest(Success), Northwest(Health), West(Love and Relationships), Northeast (Personal Growth)

For example, sleep with your head facing your lucky health direction will bring you a good health condition.

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