What Element best for me?


What is the best element for me? and how to use it? is it true that my kua # 5? why I am attracted to black color? I feel that if I'm wearing black clothes I feel lucky and protected? I am Male, born on Tiger Fire - July 27, 1986

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Yes, your kua number is 5.
Your Best Direction: Southwest
Lucky Direction for Success: Northeast
Lucky direction for Health: West
Lucky direction for Love and Relationships: Northwest
Lucky direction for Personal Growth: Southwest

I need to know your exact birth time and birth place to find out your favorate element. Then, find out your lucky colors.
thank you master, I am male, born 7-27-1986 time 3:26am sunday
I am male, born 7-27-1986 time 3:26am sunday at Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Your favorable element is Metal.

So, your lucky colors include White, Apricot and Golden.

Yellow, Brown, Black, Blue are also the colors ok for you although they are not the luckiest once.

Red, Purple, Cyan and Green colors are not good for you.

Your bed should be places in the East - West direction.
thank you very much master, what are my auspicious and in-auspicious days/date?
the meaning of my favourable element, is to use more metal, like wearing metal jewellery, sitting in metal etc.? and the best metal for me is silver and gold? or bronze?
If the date doesn't clash your sign, it's a good date.

Crystal is the best thing you should wear which could make you keep alert, healthy and have a good wealth luck . As Earth bears Metal, the citrine and Gold Rutilated Quartz belong to earth, so they are good choices. Also, the rock crystal is also good to you.
thank you very much master, I would also like to ask, this is for my wife, what are the best gemstone, best element, best color for her? and what kua #/direction?, she's born on June 5,1984 time born 12:45am at Kalibo, aklan, philippines
Her kua number is 8.

Best Direction: Northeast
Lucky Direction for Success: Southwest
Lucky direction for Health: Northwest
Lucky direction for Love and Relationships: West
Lucky direction for Personal Growth: Northeast

Earth is her favorable element. Yellow and Brown are her luckiest colors. Red, Purple, White, Apricot and Golden are also ok for her. Cyan, Green, Black, Blue colors should be avoided. She is good to wear amber, citrine and red agate. As Earth is her lucky element, those works related to earth are good for her.

Auspicious times for her include 2 a.m, 8 a.m, 2 p.m, 8 p.m.
During the year of Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog year, she usually enjoys good luck.

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