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which will I follow my conflict animal or my lucky element? my lucky element is Metal, Animal MONKEY & Rooster are belong to Metal, Monkey is my Conflict animal sign, which will be my BEST choice to be more lucky? my friend animal sign horse, dog and pig or my lucky animal Monkey & Rooster?

I'm Born 7/27/1986, 3:26am GMT+8

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I did a brief eight character chart on your birthday and found that u have two tigers one monkey and a lamb sheep on your four pillars so u must go with animals and elements which benefit your day animal first which is monkey and metal ...So the best lucky animals to carry as a charm is dog pig ox and Earth also sheep and Earth which is yellow or light brown colors as clothing and eat yellow fruits like : bananas...Honeydew melons
Asian Pears...corns...Yellow curry ... Oranges okay too since it's a combination of fire and earth balancing your metal ... Made u less stubborn and keep Laffing too ... LOL
Horse, Dog and Pig are your BEST choice to be more lucky.

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