Kitchen in the west


What is the best triangle placement for kitchen located in the west ?
House main door facing East.
Fridge-Stove-Sink ?L shaped kitchen.

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Fridge and Sink should be far away from the stove. Fridge and sink belong to water element and stove fire. Water and fire couldn't be put together.
Is the feng shui bad for placing the stove under window ?
my kitchen is a L shaped kitchen which I plan to have Fridge-Sink-Stove(facing window)
or Fridge-stove(facing wall)- sink(facing window)?
Your advice is much appreciated.
Thank you.
FYI-House is facing East
Owner is Kua no.4.
Hi JC,

It's not a good Feng Shui for placing the stove under the window or facing the window.

Fridge-stove(facing wall)- sink(facing window) is suggested.

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