Kitchen in the west

Asked by JC | 8/10/2017 12:21:21 AM
What is the best triangle placement for kitchen located in the west ?
House main door facing East.
Fridge-Stove-Sink ?L shaped kitchen.
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Answered by Leilei | 8/17/2017 10:23:56 AM
Fridge and Sink should be far away from the stove. Fridge and sink belong to water element and stove fire. Water and fire couldn't be put together.

Answered by JC | 8/20/2017 11:28:50 PM
Is the feng shui bad for placing the stove under window ?
my kitchen is a L shaped kitchen which I plan to have Fridge-Sink-Stove(facing window)
or Fridge-stove(facing wall)- sink(facing window)?
Your advice is much appreciated.
Thank you.
FYI-House is facing East
Owner is Kua no.4.

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