Is Dragon woman & Monkey man OR Dragon woman & Rat man a better love match?


Hello all!

I would like to know which love match is considered to be better in Chinese astrology: Dragon woman & Monkey man OR Dragon woman & Rat man? And also, why?

Thanks for answering!

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For a Dragon woman, a Rat, Monkey or Rooster man is the best match. So, no matter a Monkey man or a Rat man, it's good in terms of love. I suggest you to check your birth element (five element) to see which one is better for you. You can provide your date of birth, I'll help you to check.
I know that both is a great match. However my question is, with all other things being equal which one is a BETTER match? Please share your opinion, thank you. I'm curious about people's opinion, not a generic answer.
I think Rat is better for dragon than Monkey. The dragon women could enjoy a happy marriage with the rat man as the rat admires the dragon so much that he can even tolerate her strong vanity. While, the monkey is too smart, sometimes, the dragon may be cheated by him.
Thank you, that's the kind of answer I expected. I agree with you, Rat man & Dragon woman does seem to be a better match actually.

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