In My Wedding Hall But Couldn't See The Bride


I prepared the hall for a wedding, set things in order and was supposed to be one of the officiating ministers. However we waited for a long time but the couples couldn't come. So, i personally decided that when its 12noon we shall start the wedding with or without the couples. Surprisingly, the wedding turns out to be mine. I saw the bridal trail, the flower girls and bride's friends matching in while i was outside the hall. So, I to rushed into the hall trying to dress on on my wedding suit, yet i couldn't see the bride because of the crowd, she has marshed in front while i was at the back side of the hall. I woke up at this point.

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If you are unmarried, this dream reflects your dream to get married in reality. You will have good luck in love; you might find your ideal lover and probably get married eventually.

If you are married, this dream indicates you will have bad luck recently and you are not satisfied with present marriage because it is not as good as you expected; you have wished to get more from marriage, but it doesn't go as you wished.

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