Definition of Wedding under Chinese Tradition


I have read the article ( but I would like to find out the definition of 'wedding' under Chinese Tradition.

I am looking to pick a wedding date. The date I want does not have any conflict with zodiac sign, however, I notice that each day is categorize into 12 Shi Chen (Time Periods) and there are a few zodiac sign that clash with the certain time period. What does Wedding under Chinese Tradition means? Is it referring when groom picks the bride / welcoming the bride/ tea ceremony / signing of wedding agreement and exchanging wedding vows / wedding banquet starts ? How am I able to make sure every hour does not clash with any zodiac sign, can I just based on Date and that would be fine?

Thank you.

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Wedding under Chinese Tradition means the day grooms picks the bride, welcome the bride and the wediding banquet. You don't need to consider hour that clash your zodiac sign. As long as the day is auspicious for wedding and doesn't clash with your signs, that's good.

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