I'm in love with my friend do we get marry or not


I'm Umamaheswari born on 16/05/1989 by morning 5:30am and my boy friend who was born on 17/02/1989 don't know the time do we get marry or not if when will?

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Hi Uma,

You will get married with him. Both of you are born inner the sign of Snake. You have a tacit understanding of each other. Due to common ideals and concepts, you come together and cooperate wholeheartedly. Both of you are good at independent thinking and analysis, so you won't depend too much upon each other. Thus, you respect your partner's privacy.

You may get married in year of the Rooster (02/15/2018), Dog (02/16/2018-02/04/2019), Ox (02/11/2021-01/31/2022), or Dragon (02/10/2024-01/25/2025).

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