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hey i was born in the year of tiger 4 october and i wanted to marry a girl that was born in the 7 april Ox years and we really love each other we always chat and we haven't meet but we really love each other and always talk with each other, give advice and everything we even change our rings so i want to ask you, is it good or bad to marry her ? what should i do to avoid calamity ? because we really love each other please help me thanks

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Hi Rith,

If you get married, you will be a couple lacking synergy. There are many contradictions in your personalities. Stubbornness may be the only common point between you. Your are very realistic, unconventional and unrestrained, filled with rebellious blood in your body. Oppositely, she is a traditional well-bred lady who dreams of peace and conforms to the social conventions.

Only chat is not enough to say you love each other. You should be together for at least half a year to see if you could get a long well.
oh thank you for your advice, hmmm yep i will try to stay together for 2 years and i will see how we go, so if nothing doesn't happen is it possible for us to get marry? and with the stubborn and rebellious blood what should i do to avoid to things, is there any way to do ?

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