Id it good to have baby in 2016 as i am rabbit 1975 and with monkey 1980.


I would like to know what if my wife is born in 3/4/1980 (monkey)

and me 5/10/1975 (rabbit)
Good to hv baby. This is because is a clash year for my wife.

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Hi Jemmylam,

I's good for you to have a baby born in Monkey year. There are two reasons:

First, Monkey with Monkey can be compatible with each other. So, your wife could be compatible with her baby. Also, Rabbit is compatible with Monkey. So, you could get along with your baby too.

Second, for your wife 2016 year of the monkey will be her Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year). In Chinese culture, people in his/her zodiac year usually encounter Taisui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. So, her fortune will fluctuate during the year. It's said if the people could have some happy events like marriage or give birth to a baby, move house...he/she could enjoy a good year. Because the happy events could help drive away the evil spirit.

So, it's nice to get a baby born in Monkey year (starting from February 8, 2016 and lasting to January 27, 2017).

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