1980 Metal monkey future


I am born Nov 22 1980 at 7:24 am. What will this year be like. 2016 was horrible. Work life, friends and miserable marriage (this one, I now admit thankfully) fell apart....:( Thanks

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2016 is your Benming Nian which is your zodiac year. So, your luck is not good in 2016. As the year doesn't end yet, if you don't wear red, you'd better wear red to help you change the fortune. In 2017 your whole fortune will be better than 2016. You can check here to get your horoscope predictions in each aspect in 2017:
Thanks much for your response. I read the predictions on the link you provided. How do I get more specific predictions? Life has made me weary and I need someone to tell me what to expect in this life going forward

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