how well will 1975 female rabbit do in 2016


I will like to do how well will i do in 2016 for career, wealth and relationship. I am born on lunar January 1975.

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Hellow clara chua,

The overall fortune for you 1975 born rabbit will not be so good in 2016, year of the Monkey.

In career, you will find it’s not smooth. There are many obstacles in front of you in work. Especially during the Chinese lunar months of January, February, June, July, August and December, you will meet many difficulties. The rest months will be good for you. So you should grasp good chances during those favorable months to you. In addition, you are suggested to unite others and cooperate more with other in work instead of seeking to be different.

In financial aspect, you should be vigilant and beware of being cheated. Also you should manage your money well and try your best to reduce expenses. Auspicious months for your wealth in 2016 include March, April, July, September and December.

In relationship, you are gentle and would not like to get angry easily. However you usually tend to get overly emotional. In 2016, as long as you open your heart to your partner and friends, your relationship will be good.
Hi, i would like to know the career prospect and married chance for female rabbit born on april 1987. for career, should i better work overseas or not? Thank you
Can you please advise how well would I fare in 2016 for career, wealth, health & relationship. I am born in month of May 1975. Thanks

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