I have a dream and when i woke up , i was very scared. also felt body pains


Hello my name is funke , please i had a dream that a friend of mine is passing blood drip into my vain . in that dream she inserted the injection into my vain to pass the blood drip . please am very scared , what is the meaning of this dream . she is my family friend and we are a bit close . also i felt body pain when i woke up and seeing a very close frined of mine giving me a drip but not just an ordinary drip but a blood drip , i really want to know the meaning of this so i can start praying

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Hi Adefunke,

Blood is the symbol of vitality and wealth in dream. It's auspicious to have dream that someone inserted the injection to pass the blood drip to you. It indicates you need a state of freshness or vigor. Also, it means you will get success in career and have a good luck in finance.

If you are really get ill, this means you will recover soon.

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