What does my dreams mean?


Two nights ago not long after falling asleep it felt like someone had their hands around my throats strangling me but then tickling as well, I woke up in a panic and short of breath.
Tonight I dreamt I felt something on my tooth, used my fingernail to try and get it which flicked the tooth onto the floor, I picked it up and suddenly all of my teeth started to fall out and I caught them all in both hands. I started to cry and my husband was lying on top on the bed got up to comfort me and I was saying I must be sick, am I dying and he went to get me water I think, then I woke up in a panic. The dream was set in the daytime. Thank you

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Hi Jen,

The first dream indicates your recent fortune is good. You could have a good result if you try your effort.

The dream of losing teeth usually means some important relationship will be lost. It may indicate that there will be a funeral in your family, which calls your attention to the health of the elderly at home and try to avoid something sad. It may also indicate that you will take more responsibility and become more stable and mature. If you are a person who feels stressed when dealing with others, your dream of tooth loss may indicate that you will quarrel with others and your interpersonal relationship may run into a trouble. In addition, tooth loss is likely to show that difficult situation will soon be over or a kind of relationship will come to an end. The final possibility of this kind of dream may just show that there is really something wrong with your teeth.

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