Dreaming of two of me in a swimming pool


So last night I had a dream I was swimming and going under water for long periods of time until I got stuck and had an outer body experience and noticed I was back at the top of the water then look back at the bottom of the pool and saw my body sitting on the floor of the pool so I would swim back to the bottom to retrieve my body and become back one with myself (basically going back into my body). Then I would do the same thing like twice more like its a fun thing to do until I ran out breath and couldn't get my body from sitting on the floor of the pool this time, so I tried to get help and no one would
help me get my body so I can get back into my body and so I saw like this hardwood floor where it was built over the pool and i said wait we have to move this floor so I can get my body and noticed I was talking to my brother and my mom and then it was like half of the floor opened up and I had to go back Into the water to make sure my body was still there and it was, but before I could go back down to the bottom I heard everyone said ok lets go get your body and I woke up. What in the world does this dream mean?

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Hi Emile Williams,

It's a interesting dream. Don't think too much about it. It shows you are healthy in real life and you could treat and analyze problems with objective attitude which enable you could get success in the future.

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