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I am a Dragon and my fiancé is a Tiger..According to zodiac parings,2016 is the year of the Monkey which is a good sign for me but clash for the Tiger..Can we get married in 2016 or best to leave till 2017?

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Hi Dragonlady,

It doesn't matter.

As long as you choose an auspicious dates for wedding in 2016, that's no problem. In each month there are many dates auspicious for wedding, you can choose one you like from the following page.
On the page, click the Wedding link just above the calendar, you could get the dates in 12 months with the highlighted color of orange. Please note that when you roll over the highlighted dates, you could find there is [Clash XXX} in the red. You should avoid the dates that clash with your zodiac sign.
Its a great calender for all sorts of events. Somehow I am still a little wary as 2016 is Monkey and it clashes with Tiger, once I have that feeling it does make me a little nervous..Thank you.

As 2016 clashes with Tiger, it's good to marry according to Chinese astrology. The happy event could help to reduce the bad influence of the year to the minimum.
Hi my name is maitong Vang ...I'm 26.... I don't if I picky or not ...but every guy that I date talk with only last me 2 to 5 months...I really want to know when will my heart find my soulmate...and when will I get marry ...please reply back
Hi Maitong vang,

What's your date of birth?

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