I’m a Dog but a Rooster?


I was born in 1994 February 2nd the year of the dog but the Calculator says I’m a Rooster and I should be with a Dragon with a 90% match. The dragon has a 100% match with the monkey and the Dog and Rabbit have a 95% match. I know the Chinese Zodiac correlates with the lunar Calendar and the elemental Chinese zodiac came from the Gregorian Calendar that goes along with the sun. I really want to go with the Lunar Calendar since it created it but I see a pattern with the Gregorian calendar. I noticed may parents sign is with the Rooster as a perfect match but I don’t get a long at all with my mom who is an Ox and my dad I’m on and off with him with frustration. My friends parents are Dragon and a Horse but my friend is a Dog who most likely doesn’t get along with dragon right? So is the Gregorian Calendar for past lives or future lives? I need help with coming up with an answer for this.

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