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We are dogs ,my wife DOB 1 jan 1982 and me 12 feb 1983,how old we are to start business? what business lucky for us to earn much money? if can business ,what direction for my flat and store?

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Sir plzzzzzzzzz reply to me
Hello pen,

You's better start your own business after 35 or after. These years you need to accumulate more funds for your future business. This will make you more easy to be successful.

In terms of the proper business. You zodiac is fit to manage a furniture shop or sell room decoration products. Because you are proficient in appreciation and have a special taste in home decoration. The goods you purchase for selling will be liked by customers.

East is your lucky direction for flat and store.
now i want to buy land but land direction is south .can or not?if can ,what can i do for this land to make better .plzzzzzzzz reply. i always follow u and waitting u
sir i waitting ur reply . please

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