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how can i build good relationship with the rabbit in this monkey year?

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Hi sophie,

If your zodiac sign Rooster? What your relationship with the Rabbit people. You are friends,lovers, collegues or other relations?

Also, what's the main problem you have now?
im a female Rooster and my boyfriend is a Rabbit and the problem is we are always having conflict. arguing even in a little thing's, mostly every week and a day after or at end of the day we settled.. what should i do to minimise or avoiding this problem?

In Chinese culture, the female Rooster is not compatible with the Rabbit. If you live together, you will often quarel with each other. Also you usually fell depressive in his home. However, the quarel is not all bad, it will be a great urge to the Rabbit. As long as the Rabbit learns to be more tolerant, he will become more successful.

The rabbits are kind but also very sensitive. They seldom show their real feelings. As the rooster is completley different in character with him, he often couldn't find the somthing in common with you. You need to think more about him. If you want to enjoy a happy marriage in the future, you both need to lear tolerant and requrie less to each other.
Thank you so much for your will help me a lot in my future...

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