flying snake in dreams


Just before waking up in the morning I saw a flying snake in dream.
I own a garments store. I was sitting there with my daddy and staff. We have a park infront of our store which has a small pond in it.
First of all I saw a guy with black shoes walking on the pond water. I was astonished to see that but then he walked away.
Now there emerged a brown black coloured snake from water pipe(which supplies water to pond) I told about it to everone around me but that snake started flying and entered our shop. We didn't hurt the snake and tried to let him go out. I threw a muffler on him (snake) and he left. We were not much afarid. Suddenly the snake came back as a human in black clothes. He was smiling and said that he forgot his slippers while moving out. Then I gave him his blue slippers and he left smiling.
( The snake was flying without any wings and was cobra type).

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