having same dream

Asked by a***a | 2/5/2017 4:18:01 PM

from few years i am having same dreams. in some dreams i am on a mounatin and some bears or lions are chasing me or there are bears or sometimes lions and when i was saw them i tend to hide or start running sometimes there is also a war going on in these same dreams. sometimes in my dream i am runnign from somethign unknown and i am opening a door in one place and it is taking me to some other mysterious part of the world where i can see gods and in that place i have to stay to fight evil. i am also having war dreams where there is lot of firing and explosion sounds and in those dreams there is always someone i am trying to protect most of the time a girl of my age who is also carrying a child with herself or sometimes a teen who is a king. i also used to have frequent snake dreams but not anymore. most of my dream i am scared or running and seeing gods but i couldnt identify them with any known religion. and from few month i am having really vivd dreams with a storylines almost every night or at the time of dawn sometimes more than two.please helm me understand these dreams.

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