Flying in the air dream


I saw many time that i m flying in the air protecting myself from obstacles but now a days i saw my self wid another person flying behind me someone nice someone not

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Possible meanings:
1. It indicates you will get promoted or make a profit in business and make rapid advancement in career.
2. It may indicate you are too ambitious.
3. It indicates that you have good interpersonal relationship and you will get along very well with people around. Also, you will make more friends.
4. It indicates that you will have good benefactor luck and you will be helped by someone recently to solve the current problems.
5. If you are suppressed in reality, the dream shows your desire to freedom.
6. It's a reflection of your desire for sex.

If the dream makes you happy, you may gain a lot in life recently; if the dream makes you nervous or depressed, it suggests a kind of escape from the reality in your subconscious.

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