Escaping from unkown big monster


I and my family escaped from a fire monster which was causing fire in an unknown big monster as big as a 3 or 4 storey house. The building was like 2 giant halls of 1 floor only. The monster was bigger than that and it didn’t looked that cruel. His look was telling that he is a good person trying to harm. I and another from my family were shooting him and escaping. The hall was in between of a forest near to a city. The whole hall was getting in fire. Before that happened we escaped. I think i looked that forest in a highway to Washington D.C . The highway name was maybe George Washington Memorial or something. Before that monster came I was in mine room but looked liked some other’s room. I was with an Indian actress and she was naked. I think I was talking to her. Then our family got to know that a giant fire monster was coming. We took all our valueables for survival for after escaping. He created fire there. The hall had many rooms. It was very giant and causing very bright fire. Fire was in the combination of bright crimsom

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Hi Sam,

Did you watch a movie or TV program showing monster or fire? Sometimes, this kind of dream is caused because you watch that kind of movies during the daytime or before sleep.

The fire in dream is closely related to luck and wealth. Dreaming about bright fire is a good sign which indicates good fortune and getting promoted. For young people, it also suggests that you are full of hope, confidence and love for life and career. As you also dream about the naked actress, it means you will make a fortune and enjoy great wealth.

Well I never watched such a monster or even similar.

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