5 monster in the sea and i got fly

Asked by R***a | 1/6/2018 9:13:59 PM

What just the meaning of 5 monster in the sea and i got scared a little bit but i fly into the sky first there's 5 right then the figure of each monster is a dragon and infront of them there's a person controlling them each of the dragon has it's own powers like splashing water ,storm ,tsunami etc. they just makes you scared and i got scared so i got fly in the end i don't it's i got fly straightly without landing on the land but the monster i said in the first was far away from our house it's just something that i cannot explain why there's a monster and infront of them is a person controlling and just affected me a lot and somewhat other person too and the worse was i got fly straight without landing on the land.. what's the meaning of this?

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