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Hi, sifu
I'm a mother of 2 boy. Age 41. Recently i dreamt of a baby(not sure of the gender) was abandon near a house.(not mine house) the baby was crying until i pick it up the baby was laughing and giggling. Not a single cloth on the baby. The baby is naked. I heard a voice to report it. Instead i took and held it like my own then i woke up. It at about 5am when i look the time.

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Hi sureent,

the baby in the dream symbolizes "plan" and "hope". You may get self-development, new opportunity and good luck in life. Your previous efforts will be rewarded and you will start a new stage of life.

As after you picked it up the baby was laughing and giggling, it symbolizes your personal relationship will be good and your could treat people with sincerity which makes you have more friends.
Hi yes, I too dreamed about a naked white baby. I am not certain of the sex I think it was a boy, but the baby was being carried around New York City with me and some other people. I did not know them but they were friendly.

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