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I dreamt that we were in a group some are my husband's friends. They were trying to match my husband with other girls while I am there.i was only watching them. My husband doesn't seem to see me. After they were done choosing the girl went to my husband but my husband ignore her. My husband then went inside a room pack out all his belongings and put it in bag. He went out straight without saying any words he did not even took the girl with him. When he was leaving I was crying out loud. I ran where he is headed passed him by then waited for him til he reached me. I woke up crying.

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Hi Aoife,

It's a reflection of your great care about your husband in waking life. It shows you don't have enough trust with your husband and you lack sense of security in life. It reminds you should trust your husband and don't have any suspicion about him in order to enjoy a stable marriage life.

Also, this kind of dream indicates you life will be rich and if you could be a person with the feet on the ground, your wealth condition will be good as well.
Thank you for your reply what if me and my husband is presently living separately because of issues in our marital status and husband wants to divorce?how is that related to my dream?
In your own heart, his separation with you has brought you too much sadness. The dream is just the reflection of what your inner heart feels. You want him come back to you but he is not willing to do so. Because you usually think your relationship in the daytime, you have this kind of dream.

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