Dream about being stoned at a wedding reception


I had a dream i was invited to a wedding of an unknown person by an associate who is not a close friend. While there and seated I took off my shoes. Almost immediately i heard the person who came to the wedding. With me calling my name to sing.(i am a singer) hesitantly I went on the stage.I fumbled on the grooms name while explaining that the call up was unexpected. The weddings guest start grumbling a few seconds after I heard my companion loudly on the microphone telling the guests to stone me(attack me) which they did.I ran towards her cursing and started to fight her..(background)I recently moved to a new house.My dreams habe become quite vivid.I find in my dreams I keep encountering one conflict or another with different individuals.

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Hi Julie,

This dream reminds you to be careful recently. You may meet some troubles and problems in waking life which bother you too much.

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