I had a Nightmare Which involved Blood and Death.

Asked by S*** | 5/24/2017 9:45:45 PM

I need help with a dream interpretation, I am currently panicking over having multiple dreams of blood. In one, I was coughing up blood next to someone who promised me a huge opportunity, one that I am uncertain in taking. And in the last, I dreamt that my mother was driving and racing down a dirt road, I was in the passengers seat and started screaming at her telling her to stop driving (she isn't able to drive in real life.) We flipped the car and we both got out, I started screaming at her for an extremely selfish reason (which disgusted me) and walked back to my house from there. When I got home I can't really remember what happened at all, but I was lying on my dead mother bleeding out from the crook in my arm. (In the crook I remembered was an old needle wound where I went to get my blood checked. I remember that I glanced at it the night before)
I felt that I was bleeding out, the blood flowing through my arm and the warmth pooling on the both of us. I blacked out and there was the end of my dream..

I was never good with interpretation and now I'm afraid that someone close to me, or I myself will die. I should note that I've had problems and past traumas with both my parents before, so I'm not entirely sure if that would have anything to do with such a morbid dream. But I would very much appreciate help. Thank you.

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T***m 5/25/2017 3:39:31 AM

Don't worry. The dream just hints you are too tired and suffer from a severe strain recently. It reminds you don't give yourself too much pressure, to have a good rest and don't think too much in daily life.

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