I am a 57 year old male rat living-in with a 25 year old female monkey for 7 years now. My monkey partner is having an affair with a 40 year old male dragon, what to expect?

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Hi Teddy,

Your are Metal Rat and she is Water Monkey. No matter in terms of your animal signs or birth elements, you are very compatible. The only problem between you is the large age gap. You may couldn't understand what she needs and her real thought because of the age gap. The result may not good for you as she already having an affair with another guy. She may leave you in the not long future. If I were you, just let her go.
The best match for a Monkey woman is a Rat man. So the woman you are living with (Monkey woman) is much more compatible with you (Rat man) than the man she is having an affair with (Dragon).

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