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Hello, can I check if 21 Nov 2020 / 12 Dec 2020 are suitable for marriage for us? Also, able to advise auspicious wedding dates for Oct / Nov / Dec 2020, Saturdays & Sundays? Many thanks!

Groom: 10 April 1991 (Sheep)
Bride: 23 March 1993 (Rooster)

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Hi Pei Ling,

21 Nov 2020 is an auspicious day for you to get married. 12 Dec 2020 is not a good date for you as it clash Sheep.

Auspicious wedding dates for you during Oct / Nov / Dec 2020, Saturdays & Sundays include:
Oct 04 Sunday
Oct 10 Saturday
Oct 17 Saturday
Oct 18 Sunday
Nov 15 Sunday
Nov 21 Saturday
Nov 29 Sunday
Dec 05 Saturday
Thank you Mary for the prompt response! Can I check if we need to consider both our parents' zodiac as well? Does it means the date can't clash with their zodiac too?
It consists Dog, Sheep, Pig and Rat.
Thank you!
Hi Pei Ling,

It's not necessary to consider their zodiac signs. The wedding is for you and your signs should be considered.
Well noted, thanks Mary!

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