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Does time zone matter in picking auspicious dates? Male 9/28/1985 and Female 2/24/91. Looking to get married Dec 2020 or Jan-March 2021 on a Saturday in Pacific standard time.

Is auspicious date more important or to avoid the same year groom was born?

Thanks! I really appreciate your help!

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Hi Jennifer Pham,

The following dates are auspicious dates for you to get married based on Beijing Time (GMT+8).
Dec 05, 2020 Saturday
Jan.17, 2021 Sunday
Jan.30, 2021 Saturday
Mar.07, 2021 Sunday
Mar.14, 2021 Sunday
Mar.20, 2021 Saturday
Mar.28, 2021 Sunday

Yes, it's more important to choose an auspicious date to avoid the bad effect of the same year groom was born.

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