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I'm looking for the English name for the 1957 Ding You rooster. I know it's a yin fire/metal rooster. For example, I know I'm a Tiger Passing Through the Forest, born in 1962, and I know my cousin, the 1950 tiger, is Tiger Coming Down The Mountain. I know there's a Horse In The Hall in the horse sign. Where can I find an easy list of the English names for each heavenly sign, all five names for each of the 12 animals?

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Hi JillyMc,

1957 Ding You Rooster is Lonely Rooster.

Here are English names for each heavenly sign:

Metal Rat - Rat on the Roof
Water Rat - Rat in the Field
Wood Rat - Rat in the Warehouse
Fire Rat - Rat on the Beam
Earth Rat -Rat on the Mountain

Metal Ox - Ox in the Sea
Water Ox - Ox in the Lake
Wood Ox - Ox inside the Gate
Fire Ox - Ox on the Way
Earth Ox - Ox outside the Gate

Metal - Tiger in the Forest
Water - Tiger Crossing the Mountain
Wood - Tiger Descending the Mountain
Fire - Tiger Passing through the Forest
Earth - Tiger Standing Still

Metal - Rabbit Looking at the Moon
Water - Rabbit Running out of the Forest
Wood - Rabbit in the Burrow
Fire - Rabbit Running in the Forest
Earth - Buddha Rabbit

Metal - Yielding Dragon
Water - Angry Dragon
Wood - Dragon in the Rain
Fire - Cheerful Dragon
Earth - Dragon Flying to Heaven

Metal - Prosperous Snake
Water - Snake Sleeping in the Winter
Wood - Snake in the Grass
Fire - Snake Coming out of the Hole
Earth - Snake in the Fish Pound

Metal - Horse in the Hall
Water - Horse in the Army
Wood - Horse in the Clouds
Fire - Horse on the Way
Earth - Horse within the Gate
Metal - Prosperous Sheep/Ram
Water - Ram in the Flock of Sheep
Wood - Sheep/Ram Respected by Others
Fire - Lonely Sheep/Ram
Earth - Sheep/Ram Running on the Mountain

Metal - Monkey in the Fruit Tree
Water - Elegant Monkey
Wood - Monkey Climbing a Tree
Fire - Monkey Climbing the Mountain
Earth - Lonely Monkey

Metal - Rooster in the Hen Roost
Water - Singing Rooster
Wood - Rooster Announcing the Dawn
Fire - Lonely Rooster
Earth - Rooster in the Cage

Metal - Dog on Guard
Water - Sleepy Dog
Wood - Dog Going into the Mountain
Fire - Temple Dog
Earth - Family Dog

Metal - Pig Passing by
Water - Pig Passing the Mountain
Wood - Monastery Pig
Fire - Pig in the Garden
Earth - Pig in the Forest
Greetings, Master!

Thank you very much for the English Heavenly Branch list, it has really helped me a lot.

I will tell all my friends about this website, it is thebest I have found on the topic and your quick reply truly made my day brighter.

I am sending the pure white light to you and those around you - wishing you the best in everything you do!
Hi JillyMc,

It's our pleasure to help you. Thank you for your good wishes and sharing the site with your friends.

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