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My name is Samantha and I was born in the Horse year (1978, July).
I would like to choose a Chinese name NOT based on transliteration and with some sort of poetic meaning.
I read your interesting article on Chinese names for people born in the Horse year and I have two questions:
1) Since I was born in the summer, I thought of the name 夏梦. Does it sound well and authentic in Chinese?
2) Can you suggest a couple of “poetic” names for me?
Thank you!

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Hi Samantha,

夏梦 is a very good name. It's a well sound and authentic Chinese name. You can select this name as your Chinese name.

You can also select 芳苓 meaning lotus。It's from a poet “漃漻薵蓼,蔓草芳苓。”

白夏 is also good.

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