A dream I had a few years ago that i still can't forget today.


So it happened a few years ago, when I was about to apply to university and couldn't choose which major to take.
I dreamed of where will I be 30 years later, when I'm around 47.
In my dream, I saw myself as a scientist walking into a building. Journalists and cameras surrounded me. As I entered, the security guard helped me open the door. He was smiling and showed a strong sense of admiration.
I took the elevator and went up to somewhere that is like a clinic. The receptionist was smiling at me, and showed me the same sense of admiration the security guard did earlier.
She directed me to a room. The patient's family was waiting there. They were extremely happy when they saw me.
Then i went to see how the patient was doing. I gave him an experimental drug some time ago. Clearly the patient no longer showed any symptoms of whatever disease he or she had. The patient hugged me and cried happily.

Note; I am now a science student.
May I know what is this dream trying to tell me?thanks:)

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