Strange wedding in green cloths


Hi! Today I had a dream that I had a wedding with a man who in real life just some days ago got married to my not close friend. We were both dressed in green cloths (?). He did not whant to marry but I made him to. And right after the wedding I felt that I made a great mistake and wanted to divorce immediately. In real life I even haven't met this man, and do not have any feelings to him. What may this mean? Thank you!

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Hello Marina,

Have wedding in your dream signifies you are longing for a marriage and a happy life.

While wedding with a man who is not your husband shows you feel confused and expect marriage. Meanwhile, you are afraid to get married as you think there will be many problems to face after the marriage.

Another situation is that you are week this days and have a poor appetite. It reminds you should watch out your health condition and diet.
Green clothes means your fortune will turn to be better. It hints you should grasp the good chances. In love, you have chance to meet an opposite sex that attracting you especially during the trip.
Dear Helen and Victoria, thank you so much for your interesting answers! I really feel a bit week these days and do not eat good as well as have some issues about getting married:-) And hope the fortune will really turn to be better)

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