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I had this dream 3 years ago that God was saying something to me. God and this angel showed me a guy who was kissing me and then i looked up at the angel and god and they said that he was the one who let me feel everything and that he was the one. Now, i see a guy on television a celebrity from a different country who looks like that guy from my dreams from 3 years ago. Should I believe that he is the one God was talking about? What does this mean?

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The dream is really interesting. It's a symbol of love. You will start a new relationship and the guy will love you very much in waking life.
That was interesting when we dream of Godly messages. Sometimes hard to interpret as vision, prophesy, or our own subconscious. So did you meet someone or that celebrity yet?? Let me know I love learning. I actually have a repetitive celebrity dream that feels real as day !

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