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Hi master, My son is born on 3.8.2002 at 7.15am. He not doing well in study. Just average boy. Im wondering what kind of work do water horse good at?, so that i cam encourage him to excel better in that skill rather than forcing him to do things that he dont like.But of course we as parent still encourage him to do his best in study. Im just a concern mum.

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Hi Sureent,

Water horses have the flexible business mind and unique insights on operation and management. They are keen on promoting their social status and image, and always occupy a place of their own in the rapidly changing competitive society. They are thoughtful and have good luck in wealth, so they are suitable for going into business because they are enterprising.

So, don't worry about his study. You could see there are many successful men who don't study good at all.
Hi Master, Thank you for the reply. Seen water horse is good in business, i should encourge him to do that part. Having thought about it, he did always wanting to sell stuff like gaming ideas, food business and latest was a online advertising graphic....he told me all these ideas but again lack of resources and input, he slowly give up these ideas. He always thinking new things. I will try to make an effort to help him further.
Is there a zodiac sign that can help him to realising his ideas to make it work?
Metal Tiger, Sheep or Dog persons could help him realise his ideas and help him a lot.

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